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The Coronavirus has had health officials worried for the last few weeks due to the infected and death toll rising in China. Recently, the virus has been thought to only be effecting folks that reside in or near its epicenter which is, Wuhan, China. However, now 5 cases have been reported in the states. The […]

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Last March, a pregnant woman was about to head to the hospital to deliver her baby, when two men began pointing guns at her before


A substitute teacher at a middle school in Prince Georges County, Maryland is being investigated on charges of disciplining students with a belt last week,…


Ok…well maybe not “Big Worm” but you get the point! lol Ay after the post, take a look at the gallery I made from the Movie “Friday”! If you’ve watched it as much as me…you could recite everything goin on in each pic! – RoDigga This mess reminds me of Ice Cube’s Friday and drug […]


From the Washington Post: Travel along a two-block stretch of Central Avenue in Prince George’s County, and you’ll find a staggering 11 fast-food restaurants.