Things aint looking too good for Kodak. These days Kodak is reminding me of a young Gucci Mane, so with that being said I have faith that eventually he will mature and get it together. Via | TMZ Kodak Black is a danger to society and needs to be kept behind bars … so say […]

As the seasons change and the weather becomes nicer, Iʼm trying to prepare myself for all of the foolishness that spring and summer will certainly bring. I donʼt know what it is about the sunshine, but it seems to give men a boost of confidence, assertiveness and outright audacity that doesn’t always exist in winter […]

Outcast may never record another album, despite rumours of a 2012 release from the duo. Andre 3000 deflated any hopes that fans have been harboring for the past 6 years… regarding a reunion of the hiphop group.

I guess Oprah’s bought into the whole marriage leads to divorce spiel—not that we didn’t kinda already know that. But people are still curious why, after being together for 26 years, she and Stedman haven’t made it official, and she told an audience during a filming of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” at the Jaipur Literature Festival […]

*Vivica Fox and her fiancé Slimm are doing something unconventional these days. They’re staying away from the cameras and preserving their relationship. At the recent ComicCon event in San Diego the actress said that she and her man were offered a reality show but they didn’t want the drama. “I will be getting married soon,” […]

Amy Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her system, but there was alcohol in her bloodstream when she died, her family is revealing. Toxicology tests done on the British soul singer have come back, but it hasn’t been determined yet if the alcohol that was found in her system played any part in her death… MORE: […]

APRIL 28–A teacher who stripped off his clothes and walked naked around a Georgia elementary school gave cops a New Age explanation for his behavior, claiming that he had achieved a “new level of enlightenment” and “wanted everybody to be free now that his third eye was open,” according to a police report. For allowing […]

Here is the official video for Ron Isley’s first single “No More,” off his upcoming album Mr. I expected to drop November 30th.

Diddy, Dirty Money and Drake get sentimental in their collaborative video for “Loving You No More.”

Less than a month ago, billboards and signs posted between Cleveland and LeBron James's hometown of Akron implored him to stay.