That sinking feeling in your stomach has never been more real.

Well this just stinks! Lol Via Pix11: Julian Trejos is on the job, running the valet station at Grissini’s restaurant in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, but only because he has no other choice. Let’s start with a scene from this past Saturday night, at the restaurant’s bar as Julian’s coworkers read Powerball numbers from one […]

Via Rap-Up: Fresh off his State of the Union performance, Wale is feeling like he won the “Powerball.” The D.C. rapper drops a new freestyle inspired by the record-setting $1.5 billion jackpot. Over the Symphony & D.O. Speaks production, he reveals how he’d spend his winnings. Get more on this post – [HERE]. What would […]

Lottery fever is in full effect with Saturday's prize being the largest in history. Got your tickets yet?


Pedro Quezada has no plans to share his powerball winnings with his ex-girlfriend, and she's suing!


Man people know they get all up in someone’s business, right! Lol… In the case of this new millionaire, he should have no problem paying this debt…or will he? Details | Bossip The New Jersey man who won the $338 million Powerball jackpot owes approximately $29,000 in child support. Authorities stopped by Pedro Quezada’s Passaic […]

From Gather.com An adult bookstore in Highland Park, Michigan is the happy seller of a winning $128 Million Powerball lottery ticket. The winning ticket was sold at the Uptown Bookstore, and it was the only ticket with the matching numbers. Lucky $128 Million Powerball Ticket Holder Hasn’t Come Forward It seems as if the winner […]