An adult bookstore in Highland Park, Michigan is the happy seller of a winning $128 Million Powerball lottery ticket. The winning ticket was sold at the Uptown Bookstore, and it was the only ticket with the matching numbers.

Lucky $128 Million Powerball Ticket Holder Hasn’t Come Forward

It seems as if the winner has not come forward just yet. Perhaps he or she is too busy to check their lotto numbers – the winning numbers are 7, 12, 23, 34, 38, and 33. Of course, while there may be some embarrassment involved in having purchased the ticket at an adult bookstore, it’s not enough to throw away $128 million.

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At any rate, somebody out there has this winning ticket, and they need to check their tickets especially if there were at the Uptown Bookstore and purchased a Powerball ticket. The speculation on just who the winner may be has run rampant. As of now, it’s hard to know, but hopefully the person will come forward soon. It’s not that shameful to have visited an adult bookstore.


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