Weird News

No thanks. . .I’ll pass! Wait til you see the pictures. It looks like fruit roll up! Via Mirror: Tomato ketchup just got the make-over no one asked for. American company Bo’s Fine Foods has created a solid version of the perennially popular condiment which comes in individual packets. Perfect for carrying around with you, […]

It doesn’t get much weirder then this! Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!

Via Huffington Post: As far as fake documentation goes, it certainly needed some more work. An unidentified driver in Milton Keynes, southern England, presented a spoof Homer Simpson license to police during a traffic stop last Sunday night. In addition to the bogus “Simpsons” identity document, officers also discovered that the man was driving without insurance. […]

Dang. . . Via Mirror Co: A burger-flipping robot has completed its first shift at major fast food chain – turning a massive 300 patties an hour. ‘Flippy’, the robotic arm device was bolted to the kitchen floor and tasked with flipping burgers at super-speed. The mechanic kitchen assistant, dressed in its own chef uniform, worked alongside staff at […]

This isn’t really weird news. . .more like good news? Or relief news? Via Mirror Co: Most people at some point have had to play detective with an item they ordered online, and which has since gone AWOL. While a bit of sleuthing can occasionally be fun, it may soon be a thing of the […]

Ok. . .so I am guilty of hitting the gym with mascara still on but apparently this warning is for the ladies who bust sweats with faces full of makeup! Via Mirror: We all know we should be diligent about removing makeup, but let’s face it, a lot of us could be better at it. […]

Coming from Charles. . .this  might be more along the lines of dumb news! Via Huntington Post: NBA on TNT” analyst Charles Barkley apparently has a beef with vegetarians ― they don’t exist in his mind. “There’s no such thing as a vegetarian,” the outspoken Hall of Famer told TNT host Ernie Johnson, Jr., on Thursday’s broadcast. “Nobody […]

Ok. . .lets be honest people! Who thinks about getting Veneers. . .ONLINE? Everyone knows you go to a dentist for that AND you know damn well Veneers are going to cost more than $56! Homeboy should have known a little bit better. Via Mirror UK: A student’s search for the perfect smile backfired hilariously […]

Today’s weird news comes to you from Huffington Post and consists of Santa’s butt crack gracing Christmas sweaters [why. . .I don’t know!] and then a man who built his own rocket to prove the earth. . .is flat! You’ll See Santa’s Butt On A Lot Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters This Year Is Santa’s heinie a […]

Who’s in the mood for some weird news??? Let’s start with these headlines. . .are courtesy of Huffington Post: Halloween Costumes Could Give You Head Lice — Scratching your head trying to find the perfect Halloween costume? It may be your costume that’s making you itch ― from head lice. Doctors usually see a jump […]

You might have heard about the mad pooper by now but just in case you haven’t: There’s a woman who they have yet to identify. . .who’s been dropping deuces in a family’s yard during her jogs! Disgusting right? Well she’s since been called the “Mad Pooper” in Colorado Springs. . .and Police with the […]

Meet Mekhi Alante Lucky! This man was arrested back in April for stealing a car and eluding arrest. When his mug shit hit the net. . .a modeling agency saw him and thought he was perfect! Get more on this story via Huffington Post!