Whitney Houston Dead

Who knew! It seems Whitney won a lot of hearts including terrorist Osama bin Laden! WTH! Terror mastermind Osama bin Laden is so obsessed with singer Whitney Houston he thought about killing her husband, Bobby Brown.

Whitney Houston's body will be transported to the East Coast today on Tyler Perry'sprivate jet ... TMZ has learned.

Luckily, we’ll get to see the late Whitney Houston in her last film, “Sparkle.”

There is a lot of speculation surrounding Whitney Houston's death. The Beverly Hills PD just held a press conference to clear up some of the rumors.

The day before Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton ... her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, fell asleep in a bathtub in the exact same hotel ... TMZ has learned.

Whitney Houston sadly passed away Saturday. Here is some footage of her last days.

Ray J attended a Grammy PRE-PARTY with his sister Brandy. And when people started talking about Whitney's death, Ray broke down.

Clarification has come…..the LA County Coroner has told Whitney Houston’s family the singer didn’t die from drowning, but from an overdose of Xanax and other prescription drugs, mixed with alcohol.

As we look back on the life of the late Whitney Houston, who died at the age of 48 yesterday, it's nearly impossible to choose her best performance. But in the video, take a look at her first.

The Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for a national day of prayer today (February 12) to honor singer Whitney Houston.

We told you yesterday ... the night before Whitney died, she had been drinking a lot.Xanax mixed with alcohol can cause severe sedation, which could cause someone to fall asleep in a bathtub...

Rest in peace to one of the greatest voices to ever be a part of the music industry. Here are some of her favorite hits. Which is your favorite?