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Despite claiming she recognizes the difference between both, Emily B said she’s had difficulty deciphering Fab.

“My thing was, I been with Fab for so many years and from the beginning, before I had a child with him, I kinda played the background role. It was always, ‘this is his career and this is his persona and this is his image’. I respected it because at the end of the day, that’s his brand and his brand is Fabolous this rapper – with all the swag and the money and the bling and the women. That’s his image, and it’s kinda like, where does a family fit into that image, are you rapping about that? Where does that come in? So, I kinda just left it alone.” (Bitchie Life)

She also revealed what incident pushed her over the edge.

“But the first time it affected me, I was listening to him on the radio, I said this before in another interview. I was driving and he was on Angie Martinez and Angie was like, “Are you single?” And he was like, “Like a dollar bill,” and my heart dropped. I was like, “[Oh my God], this is real, this is John on the radio.” I hear his voice, it wasn’t a rap song. It was actually him saying it out his mouth. I immediately texted him, and he was like, ‘don’t listen to the radio’. That’s Fabolous trying to make it seem like this is his persona and why was I getting upset, and from there it was like, I accepted it so it continued on. And I didn’t realize it hurt so much until I had to talk about it on the show. I swept it under the rug and then when I actually had to talk about it, it was like, ‘Maybe this isn’t right.’ I think at the end of the day his real thing is he’s private. You don’t really hear a lot of them talking about their life. He’s like, ‘Listen this is my personal life. This is my home and my family I don’t want that in the public.'” (Bitchie Life)

Despite her struggles, Emily B recently described what attracted her to Fab.

“He’s so intelligent. He teaches me so much. When we’re at home he’s not a rapper. He’s John. He’s not this guy everybody else sees. I’d rather him just be John at home with the kids, sitting at the dinner table eating with them. I couldn’t tell you what the pros, because to me, a pro would be just to have him at home.” (Juicy Magazine)

Last year, Fab opened up about where his relationship with Emily stood.

“We’re not married, we have a relationship and a continuous bond that we’re gonna have through our son for the rest of his life,” Fab explained in an interview. “We’re not married. It’s a situation where we try to provide the best life for our son. We have a good relationship between each other as far as understanding that.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out a recent Emily B interview down below:

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