I guess we will see what Lloyd gonna do at Summer Jam Cleveland! Who do you think rocks this look the best? Leave your comments below.

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Last night, newcomer Miguel accused Lloyd of copying him after Lloyd appeared on 106 and Park with a hairstyle similar to Miguel’s. Today, radio jock Devi Dev asked Lloyd if he had a response to Miguel and he responded:

“Did you see me respond? That’s peanuts to an elephant. I am not the one for a lot of talking so I will see him when I see him”.

Listen to the interview:

MTV News

Yesterday, R&B singer Lloyd hit up BET’s 106 and Park to not only promote his new album, but show off his new hair style. The cut, which required him to leave about 70% of his head bald, includes a tattoo of ‘guns and roses’.  Lloyd explained that while getting the tattoo, he thought of his grandfather who passed away July 4th of last year and he chose ‘guns and roses’ because he’s a walking contrast. Although, hosts Terrence and Rocsi seemed intrigued by the new do, new artist Miguel didn’t seem too thrilled about the new cut.  He took to his twitter and blasted LLoyd for copying him, writing:

Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery. Shout To Lloyd

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