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Drake has been all over the Internet today thanks to Take Care springing a leak overnight, but he has a few choice words for you Tweeters and Tumblrs out there.

Here’s an outtake from his cover story with The Source that went up online today:

“I’ll tell you, my biggest thing was, I remember, it was on twitter. I remember the day my momwas getting surgery and someone came on Twitter and they were like, ‘Yo, Drake, I hope your mom dies.’ You don’t really mean that.”

…Like, you know you’re going to see something bad. Out of 1000 compliments, it’s so crazy. It’s basically, like, when you used to sit there as a kid, and want to know what everyone is thinking. That’s your superpower. [Twitter is] knowing what everyone is thinking.”

Damn, tell em how you really feel, Drizzy? If he hates Twitter and Tumblr, then he’ll hate the tweets that started piling in right after people started listening to Take Care and the #TakeCareComesWith trending topic started taking off.Almost everyone began making fun of the album for how it was softer than wet Charmin with all those harmonies and emotions. The results were hilarious. Take a look:

Click here to see the full story and all the hilarious tweets!

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