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We’ve done a good amount of stories on things women can learn from men. The stories have been good and what not, but let’s keep it 100: there’s many things that women do that men should pick up on for their own benefit. Something important that men could learn from us is how to develop a better sense of hygiene. We’re big on getting our hair done, our nails done, shaving and plucking and primping to the point that it’s like clockwork. But somehow, someone told men they don’t have to do much to get by and get some. No one’s talking about picking the newest Jordans up or growing a devious but hot goatee–just keep it fresh and clean. Check out what we wish men would do better at–hygiene wise.

Nailed it

Don’t lie–if all the rest of your nails are short but your pinky nails are longer than Eddie Murphy’s in A Vampire in Brooklyn, chances are, you’re doing some digging in your nose for gold, or somewhere a lot worse (*shudders the thought*). Women are fans of long, healthy nails (on them) and go out of their way to clip and maintain those puppies. However, long, hard and DARK nails on a man come off very hideous and very Freddy Krueger-ish. Invest in a pair of clippers and cut those things down. And don’t forget those long toenails too! (They might cut up somebody’s sheets…)

Crusty the Clown Lips

In the rule book of hygienic goodness, lips must stay moisturized. You don’t have to pull out mama’s uber-greasy shortening can to do that, but as we women like to do, having a lip chap (Burt’s Bees?) or a light gloss can go a long way.

Somehow though, a great deal of men missed that message. Crusty lips with a white coat of dryness on the bottom–no matter what the season–is pretty gross. Carrying around a nice, small pot of Carmex or the old school ChapStick without a scent would go a long a** way brothas. Work it out.

Wearing One Hairstyle for Too Long

Unless a lady is going to jazz it up, wearing the same hairstyle for too long can have disastrous results. You’ll probably get clowned by even those close to you, but in the end, you’ll just look really run down. A trip to the shop or just a nice rumble in the shower with some shampoo and conditioner will help. However, I’ve seen a few men wear braids until every strand of their hair is flying out and all over the place, and not wash their hair until their black coats and shirts look like they got caught in a snow storm. Word to the wise: cornrows should only go for about two weeks if they don’t look like they’re coming apart, and if your whole head looks like the back of a neck of a woman yearning for a touch up, then it’s time to make a trip to the barber, bro.

Stain Be Gone

One jelly stain on a pair of jeans is too many–just in case you were wondering. And unless a sista is just running up to street to pick up a carton of milk, then she probably won’t be caught in them again until after wash day (or at least she will make a hearty attempt to clean up said stain). But some guys will wear the same run down shirt with the hot sauce stain and hole at the bottom until it turns from white to cream. And chances are, he’ll know the stains are there and just won’t care. A lot of men have risen above this mode of messiness but there are still a few standing around in their dirty a** tees, melted chocolate stains and all.

Taco Meat Overload

Just as women shave their legs and underarms (and more) as to not scare a guy away on some Teen Wolf ish, some men should take note and take care of themselves if they know they have a little bit too much hair. Hairy legs and arms are fine, but your chest shouldn’t look like a bowl of taco meat fell on it. If your nipples are shrouded in secrecy under a veil of hair, then yes, I’m talking to you. A razor put on the skin slowly can be a painless, inexpensive option (until the hair grows back in full force)…think about it!

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