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Janet Jackson wishes more people had the opportunity to see the real Whitney Houston.

The 48-year-old singer was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room on Saturday.

Janet was friends with the late star and was deeply shocked when she heard of her passing. She has now reflected on Whitney’s death and finds it deeply upsetting that so many people didn’t know the star’s true personality.

“I wish more people would have had the opportunity to get to see that,” she told Prevention magazine. “Not just the entertainer, not just the voice.

“I don’t think there will be another like her, honestly…I don’t think [another] Whitney is gonna happen again.”

Janet and Whitney both rose to international stardom during the 80s which is something they bonded over. Janet remembers how Whitney always encouraged her and helped her do her best.

“I remember, it was at the Grammys…It was my first time I was performing, actually,” she explained. “[I] could hear Whitney…just cheering me on during the whole performance [from backstage]. And I thought: How sweet. How sweet is that?”