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It’s the pothead’s holiday, and…not that we condone that kind of thing…but if you’re gonna get blowed today off your medical marijuana, here’s a list of the dopest weed tracks ever made to get you through it!

Mr. Pookie – Smoke

If you live anywhere other than the south, there’s a chance you’ve never heard this song before. But it starts off with “I can feel it in the back of my mind, it’s like Mary Jane came at the right time.” Yea… lol

Master P – Pass Me the Green

CLASSIC. Besides the soundbyte from Friday, Master P starts this “Ghetto Dope” track off warning you: “This is a ghetto public announcement. Weed smokers, roll your blunts tight, light your joints…”

Bizzy Bone – Fried Day

“And this is for the weed heads….Get a bag of dope and a quarter roooollll!” Need I say more?

Mystikal- I Smell Smoke

This is marijuana storytelling at its best. Mystikal takes you through a day in his hotel of getting high, and just when he thinks he’s getting caught by hotel security, it’s a fellow smoker who wants to buy a sack! lol!!

Ludacris ft Lil Flip – Screwed Up

A cornrolled Luda exchanges bars with Lil Flip on a track about the wonderful world of weed. Lil Flip says “I love my occupation, we never have to take a piss test…” And they both concur that if you don’t like their weed, or have a problem with them smoking…”F*CK YOU!”

Bone Thugs N Harmony – Buddah Lovers

This is the track you listen to AFTER you’re already high. I’ll put the rent on it that they were all blowed in the studio when they recorded this. At what other time would you make a real harmony out of the work “hydro…”

Three 6 Mafia ft La Chat – Pass Me

“Pass me, the mothaf*ckin blunt mayne, Hurry up, or somebody’s gonna get sprayed. Cough and choke on the weed, it’s just what I do.” They’re serious about their cannibus.

Crucial Conflict – Hay

Who else made a video where they were actually in a damn barn… about an extended metaphor lol!

Luniz – I Got 5 on It

Man they have to still be making money off this song…You know we saved the best for last! “Nevertheless, I’m hella stress, rolling joints like a cigarette!” And make sure everybody contributes to the purchase, because “If you let em hit it for free, you hella dumb da dumb dumb!”

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. I hope your cataracts get better soon…