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Beyonce's sister Solange lunged at Jay-Z for 3 minutes inside of an elevator. There's no audio, so until we get the story, all we can do is speculate as to what happened. So let's get to it!

He has been banned for life from the NBA, but he doesn't want to throw in the towel. Nobody wants to see this man keep control of the Clippers, so we at the Word Eye Heard would like to offer him so suitable solutions.

Eve held a private concert in Philly and performed old favorites and new bangers! Check out the pics/videos inside!

It's the pothead's holiday, and...not that we condone that kind of thing...but if you're gonna get blowed today off your medical marijuana, here's a list of the dopest weed tracks ever made to get you through it!


Cleveland is constantly setting the precedent for a hustler’s ambition manifested into tangible results. Big Stove is a college student, radio personality, and Island Def Jam’s latest recruit.