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Beyonce’s sister Solange lunged at Jay-Z for 3 minutes inside of an elevator. There’s no audio, so until we get the story, all we can do is speculate as to what happened.

Do they hate each other? Did Jay talk to Beyonce crazy and Solange took up for her? Did Solange pop a molly? Let’s talk about it:

#WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 Things That Started Solange/Jay-Z Fight

5. Jay-Z Wouldn’t Let Solange in the Red Carpet Pictures

jay solange sitting

Let’s be honest. If it weren’t for this fight, nobody would be looking at pictures on the red carpet of the Met Gala. Perhaps all Solange was trying to do was get a little shine. So all night, she’s posing for the cameras,

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

but all anyone sees is Jay and Bey. They do look lovely.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

So maybe Solange had her people (does she have people?) go to Jay and Bey’s people and ask if they can take a group shot. They’re all family, after all.

But Jay-Z wasn’t feeling it. He’s not going to be associated with just anyone. Hell he won’t even go to Kanye’s wedding because of Kim Kardashian and the reality tv cameras, and Kim’s way more famous than Solange!

So maybe Jay told his people to tell Solange’s people that it wouldn’t be in his best interest to have a picture with her. Google search “jay z solange.” The only pic of them that comes up is the one in this post!

And this wouldn’t be the first time Jay made someone move out the way before the cameras started flashing…

The Solange/Jay-Z fight could’ve started because Solange wasn’t gonna stop until she was in a still shot with Hov. That makes 2.

4. Jay-Z Asked: “Can You Babysit Blue Ivy? You Ain’t Got Sh!t to Do”

jay blue ivy

Solange may not be a superstar, but she’s a big deal amongst festivals and civic centers. Not to mention she’s a mother to a cute little boy named Juelz.

solange juelz

But what does Jay-Z know? At his age, he may be facing early onset of dementia, and simply forgot that he had a nephew.

The Solange/Jay-Z fight could’ve started because Jay-Z, like 98% of the world, forgot Solange had a life.

3. Jay-Z Started Talking About Perming Blue’s Hair

blue ivy hair

Now you know better than to talk about the creamy crack around someone wearing their natural hair.

The nerve of Sean Carter to talk about ruining little Blue’s natural curl pattern by putting a no-lye relaxer in it!

I can see it now…

Jay, Bey, and Solange are all walking to the elevator. Jay asks Bey how old Blue Ivy has to be before they can overpay someone to perm it, because it’s….wait for it….NAPPY.


The moment they got in that elevator, Solange got in Jay’s face, trying to explain to him that they’re not naps…they’re kinks. But Jay wasn’t trying to hear it. He said “just because your hair is nappy-”


The Solange/Jay-Z fight could’ve started because as a woman with natural hair under her natural hair sew-in…this is flat out unacceptable!

2. Jay-Z Asked Solange: “You Gone Comb Your Hair…or Naw?”

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Solange showed up at the Met Gala in a beautiful dress, expensive earrings, and flawless makeup…but apparently gave her hairdresser the day off. She looks like a member of the Beatles.

solange beatle

See? Anywho.

Perhaps Jay-Z tried to hand her a comb while nobody was looking? Imagine being the natural-haired sister of an international superstar: you’re sensitive about your shit, especially your hair. You get dressed and KNOW you’re fly…then here comes this rapper guy tryna be funny.

The Solange/Jay-Z fight could’ve started because, after Jay insulted her hair, Solange looked in the mirror, agreed, and snapped.

1. Jay-Z Teased Solange About Not Having any Hits

solange career

Well she shoooowed you! We all know Solange isn’t as popular as her big sister Beyonce. Not even close, actually. So maybe Jay got a little bold as they walked to the elevator, and asked Solange, “when’s the last time you had a HIT??”

And well….

Solange had more hits in that elevator than her entire career.

The Solange/Jay-Z fight could’ve started because Solange wanted to show everyone she could be the center of attention too.

Mission accomplished. For about a day and half.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Violence is no laughing matter. But everything is funny when you don’t have the facts.

via TheWordEyeHeard

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