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There are few things as strong as a woman’s love and loyalty for her man…except for maybe her denial. Call her a ratchet, ride or die chick, down A$$ chick or whatever clever hip-hop lyric label she may have for the moment, but she’ll be the one driving the getaway car when the heat is coming down on her boo, putting money on his books and taking his momma to church while he’s doing a bid.  Is she faithful or a fool? (Get more here)

1.  Mr. AARP MC

You’re pulling 80 hours a week at work to keep the electricity on so your man can spend his days in his makeshift studio, in the basement of your house, with his Casio and “Beats By Dre.”  Oh, did we mention said boo is pushing 45?  When in a relationship, partners have a responsibility to support one another’s dreams.  But there’s a difference between dreams and delusions, especially when you’re the one pulling all the weight.  It’s your responsibility to be honest and there’s no reason he can’t pick up a part-time job and save the MC’in for after-hours.

2.  Mr. Unhappily Married

How many times has he told you how unhappy he is in his marriage, how he’s leaving his wife and you have to give him time? The truth is you’re settling for half of a relationship when you deserve a whole one.  These situations rarely tend to be clean-cut, but that doesn’t mean you have to come out feeling and looking like a mess.  Try to avoid dating married men altogether, but if you already are, give him 6 months to truly end things (by actually moving out and getting some paperwork started) you need to leave and find someone who’s not legally obligated to someone else.

3.  Mr. Government Assistance

At least Mr. AARP MC had a hustle, even if it wasn’t bringing in funds.  How many times do you have to see your man on your couch in the middle of the day in his draws playing “Call of Duty” for you to comprehend that he’s not trying to work? But why should he have to when his girlfriend is willing to work all day, pay all the bills, make him a sandwich and put it on him with not one complaint.  Men only do what you allow them to, and unless you’re cool with being the breadwinner while he displays zero motivation, you’re not riding and dying, he’s riding your kindness until the wheels fall off.

4.  Mr. Rock Em’ Sock Em’

This should go without saying, but I’ve seen so many women remain in abusive relationships thinking that their love and support alone will eventually change a man.  Unfortunately violence in relationship only escalates, because no one can change a person, but that person.  You’re not holding it down for anyone when you’re getting beat down.  Physical, emotional or mental abuse is not the victim’s fault, but the perpetrator’s problem that is best solved outside of a relationship.

Which one are you?

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