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After Nicki Minaj’s sit down with Jimmy Kimmel Friday night, we learned three things:  She has a brand new stylist, she doesn’t fight fair and you can’t go around hugging boys that you aren’t married to in Dubai.

She returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the first time in almost three years last night looking amazing in Roberto Cavalli  as she dished about her new American Idol gig.  She also revealed whether or not she likes Mariah, if she’d ever resort to fighting her and told a story of the time she almost got thrown in the slammer for being fresh.

Catch a few highlights and video below:

On the time she almost got arrested for hugging a fan

You know what? I almost got in trouble because the guys in Dubai are like so cute, it’s not even funny. So one of the rules is you can’t hug a man there if you’re not married to the man. So, when we were leaving there, there was this one guy there that was so freaking cute and I was just like ‘Bye’ [Cheeses] because I just wanted to have this one last moment to like save the moment with him and I didn’t know he was a cop […] and so I went to give him a hug [in the airport] and like literally I almost felt like time stopped in Dubai.

I felt like everything froze and every single person turned around in slow motion and was like ‘NOOoooo’ and everyone in my team thought I was about to be put in jail. It was the scariest thing. But he kind of put his arm up a bit and cracked a little nervous smile and then I was like ‘I’m sorry! I’m sorry’ and then I just left.\


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