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Regardless of how many times you’ve done the deed, you’ve probably had a moment or two where you thought to yourself… “Wait, am I even doing this right?” or “Does he actually like this?”

To clear things up on those awkward, cringeworthy bedroom moments, we went straight to the source. We asked these 13 men to dish on what we’ve been getting wrong all this time between the sheets, from what we’re doing to what we’re not doing. As for the things women are getting horribly wrong between the sheets? Well, it ranges from using your teeth during blow jobs to subtly faking orgasms.
1. Being too Quiet

2. Not Touching His Balls

3. Harsh Hand Jobs

4. Assuming You Both Like The Same Things

5. Not Making The First Move

6. Not Speaking Up About What You Want

7. Faking An Orgasm

8. Using Your Teeth

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