A man receiving a vaccine shot

The question the whole world wants to know: When can we expect a vaccine???

President Trump made a statement in regards to that question [not too long ago] basically saying he predicts a vaccine by the end of the year. As a matter of fact. . .in what is being called Operation Warp Speed. . .Trump wants a team of government officials. . .scientists and private companies to produce hundreds of millions of vaccine doses by this December!

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So how realistic is that? Well Dr. Mark Cameron who is an immunologist and associate professor at Case. . .says he doesn’t expect a vaccine to be ready until sometime next year!

He said “Something like this has not been done before” and went on to further explain the process by which vaccines are developed. He said “Vaccines can’t be rushed by design. . .These vaccines that are in early clinical trials right now will likely be in that phase for a number of months.” And if that doesn’t make you say sooooo. . .??? The doctor further went on to share how he is hoping for a vaccine by the start of the cold and flu season in fall of next year. Read more [HERE].

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