Versatility. Every artist wants it but not many can truly attain it. Plus, well it doesn’t hurt having a few celebrities in your corner, either.

That isn’t a problem for Loyalty Over Everything (L.O.E.), a group of rappers from Cleveland, Ohio that have been making some major moves and compiling some major stats.

King K, Young Scratt, D-Werd and P.O.P. Diesel recently came together to drop ‘What’s Wrong Wit Em’, a short film/music video that shows the group’s gritty side. The video is dark and grimy, but the bars are clean and cut through against the all-black-fits, fire and baseball bats.

That shit hard.

Also, the group recently was able to perform for the B.E.T. Awards, and even had their music video featured on the same network.

If that’s not enough reason to get on board with the new Cleveland wave, then you should also know that ‘Da Money Walk’, the rapper’s first major single, is certified platinum.

Speaking of versatility, L.O.E. is as flexible as any hip hop group that you can think of. Just check out some of the songs below and tell me I’m lyin!

Peep the celebrity cosigns too!

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