Look if you really wanna impress the family. . .skip the drive thru tonight and make your OWN buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches! Plus you can put that stank on it you feel me! And it’s easy! Just look at the video WITH instructions! Ay let me know how this ones turns out!  Catch RoDigga inside […]

Following one of my favorite pages @Buzzfeedtasty and found this little gem. . .and I’m not even a big ham person but this definitely would not go to waste in my house! I’ll be trying this one out this week! Catch Ro Digga weekdays inside The Day Party beginning at 3pm! 

First of all. . .I LOVE salmon dishes! But this Maple Glazed Salmon right here tho! Mm mmm mmm. I personally would have to add some rice! AND it’s a quick meal so you won’t be spending all night in the kitchen! Let me know how this works out for you. Catch RoDigga weekdays inside […]

I mean. . .it is Taco Tuesday! Tonight switch it up with these Mini Chicken Tacos! I personally tried these out and they were delicious but you might want to add some rice or something to the side because I was still hungry! Lol This recipe comes from my favorite page @BuzzFeedTasty. Catch The Day […]

Ok. . .Chimichangas anyone??? I tell you what. . .the chimichangas in this video look good tho. I’m gonna try these out and let ya know how they came out. What ya think? Catch RoDigga weekdays inside the Day Party beginning at 3pm! 

This Easter. . .kick that Mac & Cheese up with some crab meat! That is if your family isn’t allergic to seafood of course. I personally tried this recipe and it was really good. I added a couple of extra ingredients to make it my own but do your thing either way. . .you and […]

Ok. . .so anyone who knows me knows I LOVE food. I don’t know about ya. . .but I get tired of cooking the same dishes so I’m always looking into different food sites|pages for new meal inspirations! The great thing about this recipe I found via @Buzzfeedtasty is that it’s quick in prep time, quick […]

The Kardashian-Jenner women love cooking for their men.

Throwing a successful dinner party requires a crowd-pleasing menu, a guest list of personalities that can mesh well for the duration of several courses, attractive presentation, and a cool playlist. If you’ve ever thrown one before, you may have even turned to lifestyle expert/human Pinterest board Martha Stewart for some inspiration. And now the TV […]

If you love hip hop and know your history, when you hear The Rock Steady Crew, b-boy Richard Colon a/k/a “Crazy Legs” comes to mind.  People all over the world have been privy to see his world renowned impressive skills on the dance floor for over thirty years .  Now Colon is giving viewers a […]