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Hoes be winning. We all know this. But Meek Mill also told us that it’s levels to this. To attain true championship status in this thing called “hoeing,” one must truly raise the bar and ho in ways never seen before. We’ve compiled the best for our list…

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The King of Pop, Michael Joe Jackson, left this earth June 25, 2009, and his presence is still so strongly felt that it's safe to say nobody has gotten over his passing. He left us with so much to remember him by, whether it's his music, creative videos, humanitarianism, or just his gentle soul. Not to mention three beautiful children (don't you ask questions about those kids' parents) to carry on his legacy. To celebrate his life, The Word Eye Heard has compiled a list of people MJ has influenced even in his death. We present: The Top 5 People Who Owe Michael Jackson a Check.

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It must suck growing up in the spotlight of your famous sibling, especially when you wish the one everyone was yelling for, was you. How does it feel to be famous for being related to someone more famous? We here at The Word Eye Heard did a little investigating into the subject to tap into the feelings of those overlooked brothers and sisters to really understand how they must feel. So…. The Word Eye Heard Presents: The Top 5 Side Siblings


The drama surrounding the Jackson family is never done. Reports have surfaced alleging Randy and Jermaine Jackson are trying to put the paws on Michael…

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I’m just shaking my head on this one! As if we need more Whitney Houston drama, now Jermaine Jackson has thrown his hat in the ring! Jermaine recently revealed he had a secret affair with Whitney, This may help explain why 56-year-old Jermaine — a married man at the time — was so devastated by […]

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Alejandra Jackson is all set to get the hell up out of Mama Jackson’s crib aka the Jackson Compound. The Jackson Estate has been trying to get her out of the crib for a while now. She reportedly has promised to move out by April 14th. Alejandra has turned down any kind of housing by […]

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It looks like Jermaine Jackson’s oft-delayed tribute concert to his brother Michael is back on again, and if these reports turn out to be true, it could be one helluva show!


Our favorite California Raisin, Jermaine Jackson, was seen out with his family in London doing a little holiday shopping.