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The King of Pop, Michael Joe Jackson, left this earth June 25, 2009, and his presence is still so strongly felt that it’s safe to say nobody has completely gotten over his passing. He left us with so much to remember him by, whether it’s his music, creative videos, humanitarianism, or just his gentle soul. Not to mention three beautiful children (don’t you ask questions about those kids’ parents) to carry on his legacy.

To celebrate his life, The Word Eye Heard has compiled a list of people MJ has influenced even after his death. We present: The Top 5 People Who Owe Michael Jackson a Check.

1. Jermaine Jackson

The moment Michael Jackson died, Jermaine could be found on your television screen giving interviews, updates…he even confirmed to the world that his brother had passed. Let’s not forget about that short-lived reality television show, when people cared about MJ’s brothers for about 5 minutes. And I’m not sure if Jermaine got paid for these television appearances, but he sure did pay off his child support of $80,000… FULL.

But most of all, Jermaine Jackson owes his brother Michael a check for having the nerve to show himself on national television trying to make a big deal out of wishing he had died instead of MJ. Why you always gotta try to steal his thunder?? And besides, you know full well you cannot die until you reveal what black shoe-polish-like substance you’ve been putting on your hair for the last 20 years. And are you wearing a THROWBACK JERSEY?!? Sigh…

2. Keri Hilson

When Michael Jackson died, it was only a short period of time before the BET Awards ’09. So of course, everyone hustled to add an MJ tribute to their routines. Well….Miss Keri Baby failed miserably. We all know she can’t sing live, but this was exceptionally atrocious. Remember at the end of her performance when she kept repeating “when it COMES around!!”

Keri, you owe Michael Jackson a check for putting on those white socks and penny loafers and believing in your heart it would turn you into a singing/dancing machine. Man…if Mike was alive to hear that, he might’ve yelled at her to stop. LOL

3. The Game

I know you’ve all been too consumed with Plies’ Trayvon Martin tribute to remember, but The Game made a tribute to MJ after he passed. He recruited an all-star cast for that nonsense too.

I’m not saying it wasn’t a good song; it’s really not bad. But The Game decided he needed a hype man to pay homage to the King of Pop, so he put Diddy on the track. Within the first 4 seconds, you will LAUGH when you hear Diddy say “I remember the first time I seen you Moonwalk…” Um, Diddy….this is not “I’ll Be Missing You!” Can’t you picture Diddy dancing in a circle in the rain sayin “clap ya hands for the King of Pop!” He all on the track talkin about “we can’t stop…we won’t stop…” I love you, Diddy…

Game, you owe MJ a check for all the publishing you made off this song. I know it’s not much, but still. If you were really real, you would have gotten that star tattoo on your face replaced with the MJ moonwalk logo. You ain’t real.

4. Usher

If there was no Michael Jackson, the music industry would surely be missing a lot of artists, Usher included. So it was only appropriate that he sang at MJ’s televised memorial celebration. Usher’s performance tugged at our heartstrings and brought all the emotions out of us, but the second time people watched it, they noticed something strange.

As Usher sang “Gone Too Soon,” he reminded us why he’s such a great performer. He put on a show at that memorial! The part that made everyone say “okay, Usher….you  are officially doing too much” was when he walked over to Mike’s casket and touched it. Um, sir…what if it would’ve fallen? Were you prepared to deal with that? And you just singing to it…then when he’s done, he takes his shades off.

Only thing coming to my mind is… *Coming to America voice* That boy good!

Usher, you owe Michael Jackson a check for trying to Jermaine Jackson him at his own memorial service. Paris Jackson didn’t even touch the casket…

5.  Chris Brown

Chris Brown is arguably the closest thing this generation has to Michael Jackson when it comes to singing live, and dancing. Especially dancing. So it was quite unfortunate that he couldn’t be a part of the 2009 BET Awards to pay homage to MJ because of that incident with Rihanna in the car. So everyone patiently waited to see what he would do for the 2010 BET Awards.

You could’ve sworn Breezy was the King of Pop himself when he started off with “The Way You Make Me Feel,” even sporting the same blue button-up and black pants. He was killing it!

Then…..he looked at the man in the mirror, and that man was sobbing like his puppy ran away from home. He couldn’t even sing the words to “Man in the Mirror.” He was red, his veins were popping out, and snot was flying everywhere! Chris, we waited a year for you to mess up the big finish? You got more choked up than Canibus at that rap battle!

Were you sad because you missed Michael and the moment got to you, or were you frustrated because you knew this performance in 2009 would’ve crushed everyone else’s? You were crying like Derek Luke in “Madea Goes to Jail!” Chris, you owe Michael Jackson a check because from now on, when we hear “Man in the Mirror,” we won’t be able to help but chuckle at such serious content.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Call me insensitive if you want, but I bet instead of crying about MJ’s passing, you’re laughing. Rest in Peace, King of Pop…

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