Throughout her four albums, countless magazine covers, and scorching guest appearances, Trina still remains "Da Baddest Chick." The Miami rap star easily oozes the same sex appeal that helped her launch her gold-selling debut ten years ago off the strength of her unforgettable cameo on Trick Daddy's "Nann." But while her female counterparts falter, fade, or continue to rely on oversexed personas, Trina has evolved as a woman and artist as evident on her latest album, Amazin'.

Rick Ross The Boss Still hustlin’ and ready to blow, Def Jam recording artist Rick Ross is dubbed "The Biggie of the South" by Diddy. Rick Ross rose from ruling Miami’s underground rap scene, to become buzz-worthiest hip-hop artist. Unstoppable single “Hustlin’” became the first mastertone ever certified platinum by the RIAA for sales of 1 million copies before the associated album had even been released.

Wooing crowds with smooth harmonies that are intertwined with hard hitting raps, RydazNRtist have masterfully created a uniquely soulful sound with pop appeal that is reminiscent of superstar groups such as Boyz II Men and Jodeci.

Atlanta breeds its fair share of music milestones – chart-topping trap boys, dance innovators, crunk divas, trendsetting teens who finger-snap, “twerk,” and “swag surf” their way into the pop culture mainstream.

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Maybe it’s because this honey-complexioned heartthrob makes the young ladies swoon with bedroom ballads like platinum single “Shawty” and certified gold singles “Bust It Baby Part 2” and the Akon-assisted “Hypnotized.” Or it could be the way the streets respect this hard-edged hustler for crude but honest depictions of life in the belly of the beast on cuts like “Bid Long” and “100 Years.” Or perhaps it’s how the Fort Myers, FL native bears his soul onto heartfelt tracks like emotional testaments “Somebody (Loves You)” and “Family Straight.”

Get Ready CLEVELAND, Summer Jam is right around the corner so hopefully you got your tickets already. But if not then we will give you a taste of what is to come. Rick Ross rocked the stage in ATL for the birthday bash that took place over the weekend! We got pictures and video to […]

We are proud to announce our Summer Jam line up. But this is not all… we have yet to announce our headliners for the show… stay tuned and make sure you get your tickets early because you will be in for a treat. Current Line Up Includes: Rick Ross, Wacka Flacka, Trina, Plies, Roscoe Dash, […]

SUMMERJAM announcement Monday at 5pm with Colby Colb. We have pulled some major strings to get the artists that Cleveland want to see this summer and yes it is finally here… we have to keep you in suspense but we have asked you what you like to listen to, who you want to see and […]