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With a new mixtape on deck, Corey and the “Ave Click” is looking to the future. Corey Bapes aka Coop has had astounding success, accomplishing things that some veterans in the music game haven’t. 

You may or may not know that Corey was born in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana on July 14th 1989. Corey moved to #Cleveland with his mother and younger sister Courtney (#Classof2010!) when he was 10 yrs old.

Corey has always been able to engage people in many ways from funny to serious. A close friend Marcus Cuff (@SIR_CUFF) reminisced about Corey free styling:

“Corey got into the car free styling one day after school back in highschool and at the time all I could do was laugh but no he was serious and hasn’t stopped since.”

(#Shoutout to Cleveland Central Catholic.)

Corey did most of his first freestyles with close friends and fellow rappers “The Ave Click” spending a lot of time recording in a homemade studio bringing a lot of funny times, great memories and raw freestyles.

High School best friend and “Ave Click” member Gerald Dotson (@Gerald216Fleet) said:


After hitting even better studios, taking things more seriously Corey had a meeting with local label head Big Truth. Truth said, “Corey was charismatic and had swagger,” and that he immediately spotted the potential in him.

Corey’s career started out slow just like most young artist but everybody in Corey’s circle knew it was destined to take off.

Close friend De’Andre Rudolph (Dreski, @AveUpCeo) pointed some interesting things saying:

“As of 2009, Corey and our team has rocked almost every major club and venue across this region and made history with In A Class of My Own.”

“In A Class of My Own” was Corey’s debut album and was one of the most successful solo rap albums in #Cleveland history and birthed bangers like “Bout My Dough” and “Throed” featuring “Royalty” artist Pooh Gutta which you may have heard on Z1079 club broadcast with DJ Fresh.

Corey has rubbed elbows with some of #HipHops biggest names. From listening parties hosted by DJ Khaled (Def Jam) to attending industry award shows. Corey has done things some veteran artist in the game can’t imagine doing.

When he first came on the scene he was voted as “Best New Artist” at The Ohio Hip Hop Awards and “Best Live Performer” Corey had the internet #buzzin too with 1.5 million hits globally online. Youtube has seen the likes of Corey with nearly 200,000 video plays to date and still rising.

In 2008 the country was faced with hard economic times but Corey still worked hard at his craft and career like the rest of the country in the midst of a financial crisis. Corey is not letting the hard times the country and his home region faced stop him from #grindin. Corey said he wants the rest of Ohio and the country to:

“Keep grindin.”

Corey’s Second Album, “Corey Bapes Hold Up” Volume 1 produced another club banger which got air play on one of the most popular station’s in the country Z88.1 FM out of Akron, Ohio. The singles “Like Maannnnne!!!” and “Hold up Get Straight” set radio waves a blaze and broaden the scope of Corey Bapes fan base culturally.

Corey’s “1st Semester,” recording CD, holds hits “Get 2 Class” and “Get Money” showing that Corey was still hitting the mic in 08-09 and his flow was still icy.

Upon the release of his new mixtape “#HighTimes” 7/14/10 Corey has come back performing all across the region. Education and the community have always been important to Corey so in the midst of recording and performing Corey has managed to make time to mentor trouble youth as well as go college to continue his education on a higher level (no pun intended lol) Corey is releasing his mixtape “#HighTimes” today and celebrating his birthday he is 21!

Happy Birthday Coop!

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