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Nicki Minaj is all about having fun with her looks. She definitely marches to the beat of her own multicolored drum, but she’s also inspired by famous women with iconic looks.

Her latest single, “Marilyn Monroe” calmed Nicki’s extreme wig usage down a bit, but she still kept it fun.

Considering Nicki is utterly fearless in fashion, here’s five iconic looks that we think she should try next.

1. Grace Jones

Could you imagine Nicki rocking out with a completely androgynous look that’s simplistic? Just a bold red lip, a high top fade and simple blazer. She’d be stunning!

2. Josephine Baker

Josephine’s style has always been risque, especially for the times, but it was always fun and that’s what Nicki’s about. Giving her hair a clean and slicked back, Parisian look with dramatic eye makeup, dark lips and a fascinator would take Nicki’s look into more of a classic feel.

3. Prince

How amazing would Nicki look in a monochromatic Purple Rain moment? Women in tailored suits screams sexy and confident. And the hair? Curly, silky and a bit haphazard–yes please!

4. Pam Grier

What’s sexier that Foxy Brown? Nicki could stand to sex up her image just a bit, I mean, it does sell. A full and fluffy afro with 70′s feathers and bell bottoms, complete with sass and Nicki could be full-on foxy.

5. Rick James

Before his very existence was made the butt of Dave Chappelle’s jokes, Rick James’ fashion sense was definitely iconic. It’s almost that of a superhero, but funkier. Although Minaj sometimes dresses like a superhero, she should try to make it more sultry and less caricature. And just for fun, she should try the braided and beaded look.