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Ray J has caused quite a stir with his song “Hit It First.” He spent over 3 minutes being petty about having sexual relations with Kim Kardashian before she became famous for being famous.

But Ray J is far from the first man bitter behind the butt. You’ve forgotten so quickly….?

#WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 People Who ‘Hit It First’

5. Eminem

Eminem is probably the most offensive rapper in history. And when Mariah Carey put out a video for her song “Obsessed,” which was clearly all about your favorite white rapper thirsting after her and “lying” about having sex with her, Slim Shady didn’t take it sitting down.

Why you so obsessed with me?/Boy I wanna know

Lyin’ that you’re sexin me/When everybody knows

It’s clear that you’re upset with me….

So, he did what any respectable man would do to a woman who was married to someone else? Continued to tell the world he porked her.

With audio clips.

Wow Mariah, didn’t expect you to go balls out

Shut the f*&k up, before I put them phone calls out

You made in my house, when you was wildin out

Before you was with Nick, when you was on my d!ck

But oh….there’s more……..

Enough dirt on you to murder you/This is what the f*&k I do

Mariah it ever occur to you/That I still had pictures…

Eminem’s verbal assault was more vicious than Tupac’s “Hit Em Up.” (And y’all know how much I love Tupac.)

Clearly Eminem is sober now and relatively quiet, and Mariah and Nick had twins and are living their lives.

But I bet Nick Cannon doesn’t look at YouTube the same anymore….because Eminem hit it first.

Who am I kidding? Tommy Mottola hit it first.

4. Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry is just trying to live! She’s currently pregnant by her fiance Olivier Martinez, but has a whole heap of issues with her first baby daddy and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

Besides the custody battles over little Nahla, Gabriel Aubry liked to pick fights. Bless his heart, he messed with the wrong one!

Y’all remember that ass whoopin Olivier put on Gabriel last Thanksgiving??


Gabriel’s face got all kinds of hits that day, and Halle and Oliver have seemingly moved on.

But one thing you can’t take from him………Gabriel HIT IT FIRST.

Was the butt worth that ass whoopin…?

3. Lil Wayne

Wayne is so disrespectful. After being booted from a Miami Heat game by the authorities (or the Heat, depending on who you ask), Wayne did  show later that night and wrote off the Big 3 in a Big way.

F*&k Lebron, F*&k SHEWayde, and F*&k Chris Bosh

Wait for it…….

And I f*&^ed Chris Bosh’s wife.

Did he just say that?

Now Adrienne Bosh is a very beautiful woman, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks she’s with Chris Bosh because of his dashing good looks. But sheesh, has she seen Lil Wayne’s face?

Maybe she just has bad taste. Or maybe it’s all a lie…?

Not seemingly.

The Word Eye Heard is, Wayne and Adrienne used to have a little thing back in the day, back when Adrienne went by “Short Stack” and was a butt model. And she allegedly told Wayne she had cancer and needed money to pay for it. Wayne gave it to her, and never heard from Adrienne again.

Lil Wayne has since had seizures and hospital scares, and Chris Bosh is back to normal with his wife.

But when Adrienne’s on her back and looks Tyrannosaurus Bosh in the face, it has to cross her mind…

…that Wayne hit it first.

Chris Bosh probably wonders how it was. Wayne, that is.

That boy gay.

2. Ray J

Wait……LMAO at the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay….lemme catch my breath.


Ray J obviously needed attention, so he decided to release a song called “Hit It First.” This song is all about putting Kim Kardashian on the map with a single stroke of his Johnson. (And a “leaked” sex tape that millions of people saw.)

He was even bold enough to use a pic of Kim for the cover!

The song:

No peep out of Kim thus far, but Kanye has allegedly responded!

A source close to him says to tell Ray J to call Kanye when he hits to $100 million mark…cause “Kanye ‘hit that’ first.”

I guess you toooold him.

Kanye is about to have a baby with a woman who’s married to someone else; I think he has bigger worries.

But that song is just so darn catchy.

I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it first….

Kanye needs to be worried about who hit it 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 50th, 72nd……..

1. Rihanna

There once lived a happy couple named Rihanna and Chris Brown. Those kids were crazy in love and we all knew it!

But then…Chris Brown beat Rihanna’s ass in a rented car.

So they broke up, Rihanna moved on with…..a whole lot of people….and Chris Brown started dating Karrueche.

Rihanna ain’t like dat.

And Karrueche didn’t care.

So Chris Brown eventually realized Rihnna’s cake was too much for him to let go of, and he dumped Karrueche and went back to Bad Girl Ri.

But when Chris and Rihanna aren’t play-fighting, and they decide to make sweet music, Rihanna must always remember….


I’m sleep doe.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Wrap it up, kids.

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