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What’s the level of comfort in your relationship? I’m sure you’ve got your own signs by now, but here’s a couple of my favorites I pulled from the following post below!

Via Madamenoire:

1. You don’t have a lot of questions – When you’re not so sure about someone you end up asking a lot of questions, and so does he. But when your conversation just flows, nobody needs to ask that many questions. It already feels like you’re old friends.

2. You show your OCD – You don’t cover up the fact that you need your glass on the left side of your plate or switch the lights on eight times before entering a room.

3. You don’t sneak to put makeup on – You go to the bathroom, notice your eyeliner is smudged a little under your eyes, and yet, you leave it alone. And instead of trying to put on a full face of makeup when he pops up unexpectedly, you’re comfortable being fresh faced around him.

4. You wear your worst underwear – You just throw on clean underwear because you’re excited to get dressed and hang out with him. You don’t have time to pick out the most perfect, laciest, sexiest pair.

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5. You tell him things you’re ashamed of – You tell him about moments in your life that you’re not proud of sharing. It’s not easy, but you feel like you can confide in him.

6. You order whatever you want – You don’t ask yourself first if it will give you gas later, weird breath, make you bloated or get stuck in your teeth.

Get the rest of the signs – HERE.

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