Yo. . .I personally am on a MISSION to get my leg game up! Kind of like old girl in the photo for real! In the gym, grab a medicine ball to enhance your routines [especially leg day or ab day]. Here’s a couple of examples: https://instagram.com/p/4B9NTlAPDC/?taken-by=instagramexercises Try using a medicine ball next time you […]

I’ve been slacking on my posts but I’m back! Meet the Spiderman Push Up: [Via @instagramexercises] https://instagram.com/p/1VU-8vAPJv/?taken-by=instagramexercises Get it in! Follow RoDigga @RoDigga on Twitter/Instagram/FaceBook and be sure to tune into the Warm Up Show weekdays 10am-3pm on Z1079!

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I personally enjoy working out…especially when you see the results of your efforts! Let me be the first to say that there is nothing wrong with getting the backside you desire without injections & implants! Pick up some of these exercises guaranteed to get the job done…with a little motivation and dedication of course! Beginning this […]


Via Newsnet5 CLEVELAND – Today the Indians are partnering with the City of Cleveland for a full-scale emergency exercise. The practice drill has been in the planning stages for the past six months and is set to begin around 10:30 a.m. Downtown patrons will see members of the Cleveland Police Department, Fire and EMS, plus […]

Let’s be honest, the only way to lose weight/stay fit…is to DO IT! Details | HuggingtonPost The Excuse: I’m too pooped. The Reality: It’s the number-one reason you blow off workouts. Know this, though: Studies have shown that regular physical activity can improve energy. If you don’t believe it, commit to a week of exercise […]

People tend to think you need a lot of time, money and a fancy gym to exercise. This is not always true! Here are five basic exercises that can be done from your office, home or where ever you are! 1) Walking – If you have stairs in your home, go up and down them […]