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Kim says she’s ready for the next level of her career, and if you aren’t you better start getting ready. She sat down with Sway on Wednesday for “RapFix Live” to talk about her new drive, the NEW Kim, her real feelings about Diddy and rumors that her new track, “If You Love Me,” is about fellow rapper and rumored boo-thang, Maino.

“It’s a true story. Somebody had allegedly made a record to me,” Kim says in reference to the track. Sway poked at her about the rumors that she’s referring to rapper Maino, who made a song called “That Could Be Us,” which is pretty much saying that he and a certain lady could be the next Jay and Bey, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, the next Barack and Michelle. Riiiiight. The song is rumored to be about Kimmy. She played pretty coy about her song being a response though. “I plead the fifth. Ask him about his song and see what he says.”

She’s clearly known the guy for a while, because he was in her videoLighters Up” before she went to jail and before he got his own little bit of fame. But when it comes to the men she’s dated in the game and in Hollywood in general, she says you don’t even know the half.

“There is a lot in my life, in my personal life, as far as dealing in relationships, that people don’t know. If they found out, they’ll be like, ‘What? You were with who?’”

With a new album on the way, Kim says she’s changing it up and doesn’t care what people think about her musically. And she said she’s influenced by rap’s biggest ego: “Creatively, I think I’m in my Kanye West mode. You know? You do whatever you want to do and don’t give a– what nobody have to say about it. It’s all about taking chances.”

She’s hoping to do a bit more singing (see the single, “If You Love Me”) and producing in the future. On a cool note, she also talks about collaborations with both Lauryn Hill and Common for the songs, “Lighters Up” and Common’s track, “Testify” that fell through, and her plans to spill some secrets about her life in the book she’s working on called Price of Loyalty. She’s hoping the secrets she reveals will help other young women out there:

“You never know if you tell something about yourself, and some young girl is like, ‘Oh my gosh, Lil Kim went through that too?’ That might help somebody or might give somebody motivation or courage to live in a whole other way.”

The book will be about her time in prison, the things she went through and the things she learned. She says there will be pictures and she even has her own prison pose…Lord…

And as for Diddy, whose recent success at the Academy Awards and more was brought up, she says that even though he’s good at playing the bad guy role when it comes to their relationship, his success doesn’t surprise her because she learned a lot from him in the past:

“I don’t agree with everything he does. I don’t always like him and I don’t think he’s necessarily a good person all of the time. But the Puff I know can be very loving, very caring, very understanding at times and very sweet. He never surprises me because he taught me a lot about the industry on the business side when he didn’t even know he was teaching me.”

Check out videos from the interview (links have already been provided for some of her commentary). The first video discusses the new album and Maino, while the second covers Diddy, a possible “Ladies Night 2″ track, and even her friendship with 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather. Enjoy!


Do you think her new album will be hot? Would you check out her book?

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