A the backside of a sexy woman(Photo: Courtesy of Glamour)

Cheaters caught cheating! Sort of.

A study out of Baylor College reported by the NY Daily News, looked at the autopsy reports of 6,000 sudden deaths and determined that .6 percent of them occurred mid-coitus. And a whopping 93 percent of these cases were thought to be during extra-marital sex.

The American Heart Association confirms that being with a younger woman in an unfamiliar setting puts additional stress on the cheaters’ hearts. On the other hand, men who have suffered mild heart attacks can resume more “familiar” sex without incident. Karma much?

So, gentlemen, if you want to live to a ripe old age, here are two things to remember: 1) Fidelity! and 2) Less deep-fried food.

Does this surprise anyone?