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Nothing’s wrong

You say nothing is wrong, but at the same time you suddenly “don’t feel like being touched,” “don’t feel like talking,” and have a million things to attend to on your phone. Either that or staring out the car window at the repetitive scenery is the most invigorating thing to you at the moment. Unless you’re being affectionate with him and/or laughing with him, he knows something is wrong.
“Where do you want to go to dinner?”
He aks you where you want to eat. You say, “Anywhere. It doesn’t matter.” He proceeds to list every restaurant in town, to which you say no. Finally, he hits on the restaurant you wanted to eat at all along. Men don’t really believe you had no preference, but they know it’s important to you to make it seem like you took their preference into consideration. So they go through the motions of listing every restaurant in town.

Jealousy isn’t always as obvious as, “Who is she?! Do you like her??” But a man sees the not-obvious signs, too. A major one is when a woman finds “random” ways to ask about a certain female–when you somehow incorporate her into an irrelevant conversation. A man knows that you are trying to catch him off guard, and see if you can find a hint of excitement in his eyes when that particular person comes up.
Pretending it’s just casual 
Your friend with benefits can tell when you’re trying to take things to another level. It starts with, “Want to stay for breakfast? I have pancake batter that will go bad anyways…” Then it’s, “Do you mind if we stop at the grocery store on the way back to my place. It’s right on the way.” And before you know it, you’re doing all sorts of coupley things. But a guy sees right through your “It’s right on the way” and “The pancake batter will go bad if we don’t eat it.” A guy knows when he is “secretly” being boyfriend-ed in.
Trying to make him jealous
Being rejected is painful to the ego, and the ego doesn’t like to be in pain for long. So it usually does something stupid to feel better. In the case of women, when a man rejects us, we often like to flirt with/make out with/date other guys right in front of the man that rejected us. But here is the thing: he can see right through that and it makes you look even more pathetic that you would flirt with/make out with/date someone you have absolutely no feelings for, all to make somebody jealous. The only thing that could possibly make you attractive to a guy that rejected you, is completely, genuinely getting over him, and moving onto doing things that make you happyjust for you.
Trying to be friends with the ex
If a man dumps you, and you ask to be friends, stating “We have so much history, it would be a shame to throw it away” and “We weren’t just boyfriend and girlfriend, we were friends too!” he knows you plan on sneaking your way back into his heart. And if he doesn’t want that, he will be keeping his boundaries.
Make a physical change
“I was thinking it’d be fun if we both started jogging!” “I get a big discount on these clothes anyways through my friend, so I figured I’d just get them for you.” “Did you know that beards can cause major skin rashes?” A man knows when you want to change his appearance but don’t want to tell him directly.
Trying to make an impression on your parents
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